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Technical information

Installation Guide:


To find out the amount of material required for the construction, we have an example to a regular wall with ONE Square Meter will need:


- 25 Cobogós Element V® (model of 20x20cm) or (model of 7.7/8”x7.7/8”)

- Mortar 15kg (depending on the adopted joint);

- 2 kg of grouting or 4.40pounds;

- Sponge for cleaning block;

- Level;

- Rubber Mallet;

- Line

- Hardware for walls of large dimensions (necessary consultation with calculating engineer)


Installation in 4 steps:


  1. Check the floor level and place the first line:

  • Check the ground level and the verticality of the wall;

  • Place the first Cobogó in the start of the panel;

  • Check the alignment to ensure a perfect finish;

  • The volume of mortar should be sufficient to fill the joint. (minimum 1cm or 13/32”)

  • Apply up to 3 lines of high cobogós and allow to dry the mortar for 24 hours.



  2.Place the lines of blocks:

  • The cobogós of ElementoV® they enable TWO Steel ranks in the creases that the product has.

  • Insert the joint vertical and horizontal settlement bars 5mm in diameter, or as criterion of calculating engineer.

  • Check line and plummet to ensure perfect alignment.



All the blocks of ElementoV® will have differences of their dimensions, because  IT’S A HANDMADE PRODUCT.


  3. Remove excess mortar:

  • Let dry mortar one hour, not to harden too;

  • Remove excess mortar in the joints;


  4. Spread the finish:

  • Remove nearly 13/32” in order to receive the grout;

  • Allow to dry 24 hours before filling with grout;

  • Spread the grout using a spatula and sponge, let mortar begins to set.



Video and correct installation of blocks ElementoV®



























Thermal Variations

Cracks or fissures may occur because of the daily and seasonal temperature variations. The thermal movements of a material is related to its physical properties and intensity of temperature variations.
Leakage or excessive water blocks the installation can also cause cracks or fissures that with increasing temperature outside the block dilates happening at lower temperatures.

Shocks and beats

The shock of another object may cause splinters, cracks and breakage of parts. Our product is not massif is hollow and as the intensity of the strike may have damage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It should be used damp cloth with water and mild soap to clean the enameled surface of the parts.




All Element V® products are manufactured with the highest quality in terms of ceramic materials, whether raw materials or enamel finishing.
The Cobogós Element V® are made of enameled white ceramic, they are made by hand one by one without the aid of automated machinery. This means that there is no Cobogó alike.

The enameled ceramic blocks (cobogós), do not have certifications in Brazil or standards (NBR) to manufacture, as they are handmade products, the Element V performs rigorous tests of strength and durability.

For physical strength we use the same criteria required for masonry bricks. Our products have more than 700Kg/f (force applied distributed on its surface) of compressive strength, this means we can build a wall over 10 meters high without compromising their safety.

For durability, we do the same tests required for tile floors and under the NBR 13818-Anexo F, resistance to cracks, we have the equipment (autoclaves) and periodically conduct the tests. Our parts always reach the minimum required by the standard (3 cycles).

Despite all tests, ceramic materials, such as our blocks, floors, sinks, toilet bowl, etc. with the time may have cracks in the enamel (crack), regardless of internal or external installation, factors such as bad settlement, extreme weather , improper cleaning, impact, can cause this kind of aspect of the piece, usually occurred in a very long time, or did not occur.

If you notice any problem with its blocks of ElementoV, contact the store where you made your purchase or directly with our After-Sales service. You have, according to the Consumer Protection Code in Brazil, ninety (90) days from the purchase date in the invoice to trigger the service.

Upon receipt:
On arrival of the product V element to his work, it is important to take some precautions:

  • Determine a person you trust to be responsible for receiving and conference material.

  • Check the purchase order with the invoice, checking:

  • The amount of material being delivered;

  • Product specifications (name and size);

  • Make sure the product has been damaged during transport (breaks, cracks, etc.);

  • Any dispute shall be noted on the stub of the invoice in the receipt of the act and release the store.

  • Keep the purchase invoice. The guarantee is only valid upon presentation.


This initial cleaning should be performed within 72 hours after the end of grouting;
The first cleaning their hollow elements must be done carefully, it can still be quite abrasive materials on its surface, like cement and sand. Furthermore, being well executed this cleaning, you will be facilitating daily cleaning.
If you kept the hollow elements protected during construction, cleaning is quite simple. Just use water, mild detergent and soft brush.

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